lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

A Sunday , On the Snow


Good Afternoon sweeties, as i said, yesterday i went to Campitello Matese, to spend one day on the snow!! I came back at 8:30 p.m and when i arrived at home, i hadn't the internet line, so i couldn't share on my blog the photos of that beautiful day!! In fact, first, i have never seen so much snow as yesterday, then the weather was fantastic, even at 2:30 p.m it was foggy (you can see the difference in the photos) , and so we must go !! So these are some photos of my day. P.S a big detail is the landscape , that is , in my opinion, wonderful!! Byee :D

sabato 25 febbraio 2012

Brown Suede Skirt


Good morning people, i see the sunshine, while i'm going to Roccaraso, on the snow.So i publish the post of today, where i worn a vintage skirt in suede, by the closet of my mum :) I wanted give also a touch of animalier to the outfit ,with the heels, and the foulard , and so , this is the result . I hope you like it :) Good Sunday all :D

Friday Party


Good Afternoon sweeties, how are you?? i'm very tired, i slept only 5 hour, cause as i said yesterday morning, yesterday i went to a party, and it ended at 1:30 a.m . Anyway, now i can describe what i worn, namely this gray dress of PINKO, with a black coat, and gray heels!! It was fantastic, a very good evening, and next saturday, i will go to another party , what i will wear...??? :P I have some news: tomorrow i will go on the snow to Roccaraso :) i'm looking for award :D Then i will go to London from the 25 of March to 30 of the same month :) I'm very happy, this 2012 couldn't be better :) Good Saturday All

venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Blue Trousers


Good morning sweeties, today is for me an hard day, cause i have many and many commitments. In fact, after i share the post of today, i will go to school for another of the university chemistry meeting, and i will busy up to 5:30 p.m. After i must go to the hairdresser, cause this evening i will go to a party , and i hope i will take photos , sharing here ; for the occasion i will wear a Pinko gray dress in chiffon !! ( i will talk about it better on saturday, or sunday). About today, instead, to satisfy my passion for vintage, i decide to wear a suede gilet in shades of beige and brown, in contrast with a blue electric pants, of H&M collection of last year. Another detail very particular are the earrings: in shade of blue , they are owls, to give me a bit of luck :) What do you think about this contrast???Leave a comment under this! <3

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

For My Best Friend



Good afternoon people, today is a special day, not for me , but for my best friend Luca Sciarrillo!!Even if  it has nothing to do with fashion or outfits , i wanna share here on my blog, this special event :) !!! :D I'm sorry Lovee HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and forgive me!! <3

Buon Pomeriggio gente, oggi è un giorno speciale, non per me, ma per il mio migliore amico Luca Sciarrillo!! Anche se non ha niente a che fare con la moda, e con gli outfit, voglio condividere qui sul mio blog, questo evento speciale :)!! :D Scusami Lovee BUON COMPLEANNO, e perdonami!! <3

lunedì 20 febbraio 2012

Partial Part of Accessories


Good evening people, with a little delay, i'm publishing the partial part of my total accessories: bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, bags, hats, scarves, belts :) I took also a photo of my closet, ordered this morning :) Anyway, i'm sorry, but as i have already said, i couldn't take  photos of all my accessories, cause are so many , in particular , bags , belts, and hats :) I recognize, that i have an obsession ^_^' So good vision :)

domenica 19 febbraio 2012



Good Morning people, how are you??? I'm fine, and now, as during these last weeks, i'm looking some guides about the shopping, in London, do you remember?? I will leave after 20th of March :) Do you have some suggest for me??? If you have them, leave a comment under this post :) Anyway, about the outfit of today, i found an hide jacket, that i like so much, cause it is so "aggressive", and i said:" why don't i wear it in my blog??", and so here it is!! I wear it with a black sweater, with gold decoration, and with my black heels, that i don't wear here on my blog for more time :) What about this outfit??Ahhh,i forgot, This afternoon, i think i will tidy up, my accessories (bags, jewels, belts,scarves ecc..), so if i can i will take some photos, and i publish them here, to share with you, all things are in my closet. Good Sunday all!!

venerdì 17 febbraio 2012

Be Free


Good morning sweeties, today is Saturday, my favorite day of all week, and so on Saturday i try always to create more particular outfit. The reason of the title, is for this first photo , that i like so much *_* Anyway, i wear a new beige jacket, bought to  H&M , during this sales period. Also the scarf ,nude, i bought last year, from H&M, i love buying this brand :) Others particular details are the jewels: the Pink pearls with a photo of Marilyn Monroe,(i love her films) , and the earrings with daisies :) Today is a hard day, cause i have many commitments, and you?? what are you doing ?? Good Saturday All :D

Colors ^_^


Good morning sweeties :) I'm just arrived, from volunteering , in fact i'm preparing a show with my school friends and some people disabled :) Anyway i'm too happy cause, we are next to the spring, and so it time to leave black, and gray, and wearing colors!! I have a passion for scarfs , and today, i wear one of my favorite,that is the most important detail of this outfit, with a new blue jacket and the new wedges in denim :).Others particular details are the bracelets , in shades of blue and violet and the colored earrings :) What do you think about??? Good Friday All!!

giovedì 16 febbraio 2012

Japan Pants


Hi Sweeties, finally, after one week, from japan , i have this japan pants , very strange, and that anyone in Italy have . I saw them on the lateral banner in my facebook profile, and so i bought it, to see how are them !! This morning, the package arrived, and i wanted wear them right!! This is the strange result, wearing  a yellow shirt, the japan pant, this orange cardigan, and brown heels. What about???

martedì 14 febbraio 2012

Valentine Day


Good morning people, today, i want say : "Happy Valentine Day" !! To Singles ( as me) and to people who are follow in love :) I don't like so much this festivity,i think that if you love someone, it is Valentine day always,obviously it is only my opinion, in fact as a good blogger, it is right to wish to my followers :) Good Tuesday All :)

Buon giorno gente, oggi, voglio dirvi: "Buon San Valentino"!! Ai Single (come me) e alle persone , che sono innamorate :) Non mi piace tanto questa festività , penso che se ami qualcuno, è San Valentino sempre, ovviamente è solo il mio pensiero, infatti da blogger che si rispetti, è giusto fare gli auguri a tutti i miei seguaci :)
Buon Martedì a tutti :)

domenica 12 febbraio 2012

Vintage pelt gilet


Good morning people, i'm too late, for the meeting with my holidays' friends *_* Yes! I will meet them in a one hour :) Anyway, i always thought that in markets, you can find some strange clothes, and i love spending my money, as well as brands' clothes, also for something more refined :) In fact, last week, i found own in a market, this vintage gilet, which you like, or not, it is subjective. Personally, i like it, own for its refinement, and i wear it with a long shirt, a little brown belt,..

sabato 11 febbraio 2012

Long Black Coat


Good Morning followers, today is too cold and it is rain ,so the weather is awful and i don't know how to do this evening, have you got some ideas for me??? Anyway, cause it is cold, i wear a long coat, that is black and white, as once of the seven must of the next season: Springs.

venerdì 10 febbraio 2012

Fashion Light Blue


Good morning people, today is too cold brrrr! Anyway i found a suit with shorts in my closet, and i decided to wear it with some light blue accessorizes and with my light blue suede blazer, that you have already seen on my blog two weeks ago :) In this outfit i have  the vintage earrings from my mother jewels' closet

mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

Partial Shoes' Closet


Good evening people, today after three days of hard studying , i reorganized my shoes closet. Before i have all heels, boots, and sneakers on a 3 shelves , but now i divided them cause in my closet there isn't a few space :) So in this post there are some of my winter heels, and if i can i will post also a post where i show you my boots, and the sneakers :) Already in this photos there are two Hogan boxes: i love this brand for the design of the shoes, and also for the comfort :) So i must go, good dinner and good evening all .

P.S Two pair of these heels , haven't never been here on my blog and you will see it in the next posts :D

Buona sera gente, oggi dopo 3 giorni di studio arduo, ho riorganizzato il mio armadio di scarpe. Prima  avevo tutti i tacchi, gli stivali, e le sneakers su 3 scaffali, ma ora le ho divise poichè nel mio armadio non c'è abbastanza spazio :) Così in questo post ci sono alcuni dei miei tacchi invernali , e se posso pubblicherò anche un post, dove vi mostro i miei stivali, e le sneakers :) Già in queste foto ci sono due scatole Hogan: amo questo brand per i modelli delle scarpe, e anche per la loro comodità :) Così devo andare, buona cena e buona serata a tutti .

P.S Due paia di questi tacchi, non sono mai stati qui sul mio blog, e le vedrete nei prossimi posts :D

domenica 5 febbraio 2012

Long Yellow Shirt


Good Morning people, after some days with the rain, today it is a "good" weather :), but there are many clouds. Today i want order my shoes' closet, so if i can i do a post with some of my winter shoes :) Anyway today, whereas there isn't the Sun, i wear a yellow shirt to give light in this gray day :) Also in this post, i mix man style, with mine and it is the results :) ...

sabato 4 febbraio 2012



Good morning people, as i wanted, the snow came also here *_*(at least at my house)  and this morning, when i woke up , i saw it in my garden *_* Anyway, today i had a sort of strange idea : in fact, i don't know if i have already said this, but i have a passion for men's closet, ...

venerdì 3 febbraio 2012

BONBON Brown Shoes


Hi people, this morning on the Vesuvius, as already from 3 days, there is the snow *_* There is snow
everywhere in Italy, it is really fantastic *_* but i want the snow on my city, not only on the Vesuvius !!. Anyway, i hope that on Tuesday will be a good day