sabato 31 marzo 2012

First Day In London


Good morning all followers, i'm sorry for this week absence, but as you already know, i went to London, for an English course , and i took the opportunity to visit the most important places of the city. I think London is a perfect city to live. English people are very polite and respectful :) They have open-minded, and they have also a very particular tastes for fashion :)  Anyway for the next two weeks , i will share all photos about all 6 days , spent in London :) In this first post , there are some photos about the travel in the airplane (it was for me the first time that i took the airplane, and it was really fantastic emotion) , and also about the first evening, spent in Piccadilly, where we met also 4 street dancers, who were very good :) There are also some photos of Cool Britannia, which is a souvenirs shop, and also a photos of the large screens , typical of that place :) Obviously could not miss the photos next to the red phone booth and the photo of m&m's store :P I miss London <3 So good Saturday all!!
P.S with a big surprise, when yesterday i came back home, i found a box with some Lierac products, trying it and writing a review about :) Really Nice *_* Early, some news about!

Buongionro seguaci, sono dispiaciuta per questa settimana di assenza, ma come già sapete, sono andata a Londra , per un corso di inglese, e ho colto l' occasione per visitare anche i posti più importanti della città. Penso che Londra sia una città perfetta in cui vivere. Gli inglesi , sono molto gentili, ma soprattutto rispettosi :) Hanno una mentalità aperta, e hanno anche dei gusti molto particolari in fatto di moda :)Comunque per le prossime 2 settimane , condividerò tutte le foto di questi sei giorni , passati a Londra!! In questo primo post, ci sono foto del viaggio in aereo (è stata per me la prima volta che prendevo l' aereo, ed è stato davvero fantastico) e anche riguardo alla prima sera, passata a Piccadilly, dove abbiamo incontrato anche 4 ballerini di strada davvero bravi :) Ci sono anche foto di Cool Britannia, che è un negozio davvero bello di souvenirs, e anche foto dei grandi schermi, tipici di quel posto :) Ovviamente non potevano mancare le foto vicino alla classica cabina telefonica rossa londinese, e la foto dell m&m's store :D Londra mi manca già <3 Quinid buon sabato a tutti !!
P.S con grande sorpresa, quando ieri sono tornata a casa, ho trovato un pacco con dei prodotti Lierac, da provare e su cui scrivere una recensione :) Davvero bello *_* Presto altre news a riguardo!!

sabato 24 marzo 2012

Leaving for...


Good morning people , it leaves one hour and half to leave :) And so, i would share with you these last moments :) For the moment , until i will come back home , my blog will remain so :) We will see on Saturday 31 of March, with the news and the photos , about my travel :D Good Sunday followers!!

Buongiorno gente, manca un'ora e mezza alla partenza :) Così , volevo condividere questi ultimi momenti :) Per ora , fino a che non tornerò a casa, il mio blog rimarrà così :) Ci rivedremo sabato 31 marzo, con le novità e le foto , del mio viaggio :D Buona Domenica Followers!!

Another party


Good morning people, in haste, i publish the photos of the party of yesterday, as i promised :) For the occasion , i worn an emerald dress of Lipsy, with the same gray heels  :) The party was fantastic, and we had much fun :) I'm preparing the last things before leaving , so i'm sorry for the short and lack details post :) just a few hours, and i will be in London :) Good Saturday all!!

Buongiorno gente, in tutta fretta, pubblico le foto del party di ieri sera, come promesso :) Per l' occasione, ho indossato un vestito verde smeraldo di Lipsy, con le stesse scarpe grigie  :) Il party è stato fantastico, e ci siamo divertiti molto :) Sto preparando le ultime cose prima di partire , quindi scusate per il post troppo corto e privo di dettagli :) poche ore e sarò a Londra :) Buon Sabato a tutti!!

venerdì 23 marzo 2012

Welcome Spring


Good morning people, i'm very tired, cause yesterday i went to a party, and i did a little hours :P It was another birthday party, and for the occasion, i was casual, but not much! After  publishing my second article for "Italian Fashion Tea", i received an email about a collaboration with a brand , but for the moment ,i do not want  tell you something more :) Early, i hope, i will tell you about the news. Moreover , missing 2 days, to leave, and to go to London *_* This is the first time and i'm very exciting :) I'm preparing the suitcase, but i think it too small, to contain all !! :D Anyway, now i share the photos of the outfit, which i worn yesterday for the party :) Good Friday!!
P.S this evening i will go to another party, tomorrow the photos!!

mercoledì 21 marzo 2012

Second article for Italian Fashion Tea



Good afternoon people, and welcome beautiful spring! Today on Italian Fashion Tea, there is my second article. The theme of this week are the accessories, and you know that i have an obsession for shoes (heels, boots, or flats) and so my article talk about this just in ,but with a difference: in fact , to make it more interesting ,i decided to talk about some extravagant shoes of most important shoe-stylist of these years:) To see the article click here !! Now i share with you only the photos , which i choose for my article  :P Byeee

lunedì 19 marzo 2012

Talk With Monella Vagabonda

Monella Vagabonda - collezione PE 2012

Good morning people, as all start-week , i publish a new post for FANATICA, and today i have a news for you :) In fact , buying any clothes and accessories of the child-woman collection , until September 30, and no minim amounts, Monella Vagabonda offers a card with € 9 of traffic and a voucher of € 8 on the activation fee offer SmartPack Black :)  Talk with Monella Vagabonda for more info about :)

Buongiorno gente , come ogni inizio-settimana , pubblico un nuovo post per FANATICA, e oggi ho una novità per voi :) Infatti, acquistando qualsiasi dei capi e accessori della collezione donna-bambina, fino al 30 settembre, e senza importi minimi, Monella Vagabonda offre una cartolina con €9 di traffico e un buono sconto di €8 sull' attivazione dell' offerta SmartPack Black :) Parla con Monella Vagabonda per maggiori info a riguardo :)

Parla con Monella
                                                                                  Byeee <3

domenica 18 marzo 2012

Gold Animalier Gilet


Good Morning sweeties, how are you??? I'm fine, and yesterday it was a fantastic day :) I had much fun in Pompei with my best friend , i couldn't ask something better :) About today, i think i will go another time to the beacon , with my friends, whose will come from Naples here, to meet me and other friends :) For the outfit of today, i joked with the shades of beige and gold (must of the season) , and for the occasion , i wear a gold gilet, with animalier fantasy ,  and a new Miss 60 jeans , which you haven't never seen :) I'm passing these two week, to stay with my friends , to wave of all of them, before i will leave for going in London :)

sabato 17 marzo 2012

Red: the color of the passion


Good morning followers, today i publish the post earlier than other days, cause i have many commitments , and also because,this morning i haven't the school :D. During this period i'm very early morning , cause we're next to the spring, and don't want leave any moments of these beautiful days *_* So, to show my enthusiasm for the arriving of the spring, i wear an outfit a little vernal :P I wear a new jacket , which i bought in Rome, two weeks ago :) Today, i'm a mix of emotions, in fact i'm confuse but also happy,will  be the spring in the air??? I don't know, but for today i will enjoy the time with my best friend :) So i hope you like the outfit of today, leave a comment to give me your opinion :) Good Saturday sweeties :)
P.S Enjoy the life, it is only one :)

venerdì 16 marzo 2012

Blue Shades


Good morning people, this week was very hard, and as you have seen, i published something all day :) I want tell you that the articles on "italian fashion tea" were very good, in fact we had many and many visuals !!(for those who don't know, or didn't see other posts, last Wednesday i published my first article for the "Italian Fashion Tea", about the men fashion worn by woman )Thanks for you help!! For this week, instead,  i thought to wear a new shirt, which is in shades of blue, (this is the reason of the title) and i wear also some new bracelets :) Another detail, are my hair, in fact i had a J-Lo hairstyle :P i think that i'm good with this hairstyle , what do you think instead?? So for today is all , good Friday all :)
P.S I have  finally, three  days of absolute relax, and tomorrow i will pass all day with my best friend, i'm very happy *_*!! Early the photos :)

mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

The Fashion Tea: my first article


Sweeties, good morning, i hope you are fine as me :) I want only regard you  "Italian Fashion Tea"<--(click here :) ) the column of the authoress of Danslavalise, where other 6 bloggers and i , share our fashion concept, and  also some must of this season :) Today 14 of March , is the first meeting , so don't leave it and let to browse !! Under there is my article :) about the men fashion worn by woman , but don't forget to see also the other articles, they are very interesting :D I hope you like it :) Bye.

Dolcezze, buongiorno, spero che stiate bene come me :) Voglio solo ricordarvi di "Italian Fashion Tea" <--(cliccate qui :) ), una rubrica dell' autrice di Danslavalise, dove altre 6 bloggers e me, condividiamo il nostro concetto di moda, e anche alcuni must della stagione :) Oggi 14 marzo, è il primo appuntamento, quindi non perdetevelo, e andate a curiosare !! Sotto c'è il mio articolo, riguardo alla moda maschile indossata dalla donna, ma non dimenticate di vedere anche gli altri articoli, sono molto interessanti :D Spero vi piaccia :) Ciaoo .

martedì 13 marzo 2012

At the Beacon


Good morning people, i'm sorry, but yesterday i haven't a modicum of time, to write the post with the photos of Sunday!! So i do it now :) In fact i want to share here, some photos of my meeting with Ginny, showing also, one of the best place of my city :) After having breakfast, we did a walk , along the Harbour bridge , until we arrived to the Beacon!! It was a fantastic experience , cause i could see all landscape of Naples, Sorrento, and Capri island :) For the occasion i worn very comfortable clothes: a blue legging of ZARA a PlayBoy white T-Shirt my Converse, and my inevitable Adidas yellow sweatshirt with the zip :D I think it was once of the best morning of all my life :) i leave you to see the photos :) Have a good Tuesday!

lunedì 12 marzo 2012

I love shopping


Good afternoon , today i want to share with you an opportunity ,useful for all fashion bloggers. I'm talking about "i love shopping" an opportunity, offered by Fanatica , for all of us. Signing up to the site, you can ,in fact, receive some clothes for your outfit, or you can write some articles with a little compensations in return, ecc ecc...! Let to see the site linked on my blog :)
P.S Later, i will post also the photos, of one of my favorite place, where i went yesterday morning!! See you later girls, and boys ;) !!

Buon pomeriggio, oggi voglio condividere con voi un opportunità, utile per tutte le fashion bloggers, come me. Sto parlando di "i love shopping" un' opportunità , offerta da FANATICA, per tutte noi. Iscrivendovi al sito, potete, infatti, ricevere alcuni abiti per i vostri outfit, oppure potete scrivere alcuni articoli , con piccoli compensi in cambio, ecc ecc..! Andata a vedere il sito linkato sul mio blog :)
P.S Dopo, posterò anche le foto, di uno dei miei posti preferiti, dove sono andata ieri mattina!! A dopo ragazze, e ragazzi ;) !!

domenica 11 marzo 2012

A fashion touch


Good Morning people, how are you??? I'm fine, and i'm also too late, for the meeting with Ginny :P Anyway, i want say something news , in fact, yesterday, i had the answer from the author of "Danslavalise" (a blog with i collaborate, as you already know), and i'm one of the seven fashion bloggers, to take a part to the italian version of "the Fashion Tea" a column , about the trends of italian's fashion, and so, i'm very happy, having this opportunity, thanks instead one time for your virtual help :) i recommend , come, see every Wednesday , the  posts published!! the first meeting will be on 14 of March :) !! However, about the outfit of today, i mixed two trends of this season, viz the lace and the high waist, but this time i wear , instead the skirt, a jeans cause, i think the jeans with high waist, are very sexy. So for today is all, good Sunday all !!

sabato 10 marzo 2012

Black And White


Good afternoon sweeties, i'm very tired, even i haven't a reason , to be !! :D The outfit of today, is very simple, both for the colors, and for combinations . Today isn't a particular day, and so , i wanted be comfortable :) What are you doing today?? After publishing  this post, i will continue to read a new book, "Innamorata di un angelo" of Federica Bosco, which i started this morning: i don't know if there is the English version of this book , but if there is, i suggest you to read it!!(ovviusly also to my italian followers). However, this afternoon i will go out with my friend Ilaria, who i don't see from much time, and in fact, we will pass all afternoon, and also the evening together . I think we will take a coffee, and after we will eat a pizza, and we will see a film :) what are instead your plans for tonight?? Good Saturday All!!

venerdì 9 marzo 2012

I'm in Rome


Good Morning people, how are you??? As you already know, on Wednesday, i went to Rome, to see an interesting show, in fact, i watched, some documents , which the Vatican had kept secret , as the Galileo's ideology, about the position of the earth. For me , that i have a passion for the piano, it was interesting also to be aware, about an unreleased  sheet music of Mozart, an author , who i love so much!! Anyway after this show, i did shopping, to Brand & Melville. And after i went to a Chinese restaurant in Piazza di Spagna, while after the lunch i went to see the inevitable Trevi 's fountain. So now i want to share some photos here on my blog. For the occasion i worn some comfortable clothes, my favorite frenchies , and my rayban , which were inevitable, cause the sun was hard!! Good Friday Sweeties

martedì 6 marzo 2012


Good morning followers, i know, today, i shouldn't write a post, but already from one week, watching on internet clothes' images, of some brand, i found this brand : KOFI' . I like so much many of their clothes, both for the prize, and for the wide range of clothes. I suggest you, to see the official site of the brand! Anyway i have a news for you, in fact i'm a new blogger-journalist , in collaboration with! Thank you, because i had this opportunity with your virtual help :) Anyway coming  to the first speech , the new testimonial of this brand, is Sara Tommasi , a character , who many of you know, cause she took part to the reality "Isola dei famosi"; now i share with you some photos of the spring-summer 2012 collection :) Good Tuesday!!
P.S tomorrow i will be in Rome, finally!! This weekend the photos :D

domenica 4 marzo 2012

Saturday Party


Good morning sweeties, yesterday i went to a party, and now i have for you some photos , of the outfit that i worn :) In fact i worn an H&M dress, in shade of peach pink, but i put some new details, to give my personal touch to the dress :) I worn it with some accessorizes as red suede heels, red and silver bracelets, and the same for the earrings :) I wanted change also the hairstyle, in fact i had straight-curly hair :) What do you think about?? Have a good Sunday!!

sabato 3 marzo 2012

Fluo Hose


Good afternoon followers, finally, this week is almost over, and this evening there will be a party, where i will wear a dress, that you have already seen in a post with my purchases,done during the sales' period, but with some changes,that you will discover early (tomorrow i will share all photos)!! Anyway, this week , watching some fashion magazines, i discovered some new trends, and once of my favorites, are fluo colors!! So, i wear these pink fluo hose, in contrast with the total black of the outfit . What about this outfit?? Good Saturday all!!

venerdì 2 marzo 2012

Purple Pants


Good afternoon sweeties, this week is very hard for me, both for the school's questions, and  because,today  is the birthday of my cousin, and so i was organizing the present for her :) During this week, i found a purple pants, that strangely , even they are very old, they are still in my size :) So i opened my closet, and immediately , i had an idea , about how could i wear it!! This is the result :) I hope you like it, and so you can leave a comment , to give me your opinion :) Good Friday!!